Jeremy Gable


Jeremy Gable is an England-born, Idaho-bred, California-trained, Philadelphia-based writer and video game creator. He is the Narrative Developer for feminist performance platform Ninth Planet, was a Core Playwright with InterAct Theatre Company, and is a proud alumnus of The Foundry: A Philadelphia Emerging Playwrights Lab. His work has been presented at the National New Play Network's National Showcase of New Plays and the Great Plains Theatre Conference, and was a finalist for the Eugene O'Neill National Playwrights Conference, the Terrence McNally New Play Award, the Heideman Award, and InterAct Theatre's 20/20 Commission, as well as a semi-finalist for the Princess Grace Award and PlayPenn, and a nominee for the Smith Prize for Political Theater.

Jeremy is also the creator of 140: A Twitter Performance and The 15th Line, the first full-length fully original plays to premiere on Twitter. These performances were covered by various media outlets, including American Theater Magazine, Howlround, Philadelphia Weekly, The Orange County Register, and Relevant Magazine.

His works include full-length plays, one-acts, musicals, and adaptations. In Philadelphia, his plays have been seen at Philadelphia Theatre Company, Theatre Horizon, InterAct Theatre Company, Theatre Exile, and Azuka Theatre. Elsewhere, his work has been produced in Los Angeles, Washington DC, Beirut, Omaha, Spokane, and Twitter.

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When I wrote my first play back in 1999, I was 17 years old, living in Northern Idaho, writing for a small theater in Spokane, Washington. I was a year away from my high school diploma (which would turn out to be the end of my formal education), and I was pursuing a field that, at least where I lived, was virtually non-existent.

My journey since then - working corporate jobs when I should be in college, running a storefront theater in Southern California, establishing myself as a Philadelphia playwright - has been in pursuit of one simple goal: to figure out my place in the world.

Consequently, my work tends to find those small passionate groups of people who share that similar existential journey, and nudges them front and center. From two lonely women scraping together a living in an Idaho forest to the WNBA all-star in the midst of a personal scandal, from the lone video game developer trying to make something meaningful to the middle school teacher chosen to colonize Mars. I am drawn to the people who have that one exceptional talent, and whose story pushes them to the limit in their quest for freedom, greatness, or redemption. 

And while my stories tend to exist in different worlds, often varying in form and structure, they share one common goal, which is to tell the stories of women living in the 21st century.

Which leads me to my role as not only an artist in the present, but for the present. As our society changes, so has storytelling in almost all aspects, from marketing to design, from aesthetic to sensibility, from interaction to distribution. With my work, I seek to represent that growing shift in our societal norms with plays and games that feel as contemporary as the audience that it seeks, feature stories that are relevant to a new generation of audiences, and contain an awareness to technology that is fueled not by fear, but by hope.


Finalist - David Ross Fetzer Foundation for Emerging Artists Grant - Salt Lake Acting Company - Watch Me Jump - 2018
Finalist - Heideman Award - Actors Theatre of Louisville - Curtain Speech - 2017
Finalist - National Playwrights Conference - Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center - D-Pad - 2015
Finalist - Terrence McNally New Play Award - Philadelphia Theatre Company - D-Pad - 2015
Semi-Finalist - Princess Grace Award - New Dramatists - D-Pad - 2015
Finalist - Heideman Award - Actors Theatre of Louisville - Motion Capture - 2014
Nominee - Smith Prize for Political Theater - National New Play Network - D-Pad - 2014
Finalist - 20/20 Commission - InterAct Theatre - The Private Green - 2012
 Resident Playwright - Ninth Planet - 2015 to Present
Core Playwrights Residency – InterAct Theatre – 2013 to 2015
The Foundry: An Emerging Philadelphia Playwrights Lab - 2012 to 2015
Playwright-in-Resident - Plays & Players Theatre - 2011 to 2012
Homeworld - Ninth Planet - 2018
 The Idaho Shuffle - Simpatico Theatre - 2018
Strange Tenants - Ninth Planet - 2017
Hero School - Theatre Horizon - 2017
 Particular Risk - Bryn Mawr College - 2017
Nowhere Fast - Ninth Planet / BRAT Productions - 2016
901 Nowhere Street - Ninth Planet - 2015
 The Idaho Shuffle - Solow Fest - 2015
Dream House: A Rainy Day Play - Plays & Players Theatre - 2014
Stimulus: A Declination – Plays & Players Theatre – 2012
The 15th Line - Twitter (@twit_play) - 2010
140: A Twitter Performance - Twitter (@twit_play) - 2009
Flying Spaghetti Monster: The Holy Mug of Grog - Hunger Artists Theatre Company - 2008
Re: Woyzeck - Hunger Artists Theatre Company - 2007
The Flying Spaghetti Monster Holiday Pageant - Hunger Artists Theatre Company - 2006
 American Way - Maverick Theater - 2006
 Giant Green Lizard - The Musical - Maverick Theater - 2006
American Way - The Blank Theatre - 2004
Algor Mortis - Young Playwrights Festival – The Blank Theatre - 2002
 A Mile a Minute - Playwrights Forum Festival – Spokane Civic Theatre - 2001
 The Bench - Playwrights Forum Festival – Spokane Civic Theatre - 1999
 Watch Me Jump - Theatre Exile - 2017
 Go Ahead
      National New Play Network - 2017
 Great Plains Theatre Conference - 2017
      Azuka Theatre - 2016
      Great Plains Theatre Conference - 2016
      InterAct Theatre - 2015
      Theatre Exile - 2015
Sudden Drop - The Foundry - 2015 
The Private Green - InterAct Theatre - 2014
Bad Monster - Theatre Exile - 2013
Motion Capture - Philadelphia Theatre Company - 2013
Orange Alert - The Blank Theatre - 2006